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Candida vulvovaginitis

What is a yeast infection?

"My vulva and vagina is itchy. I feel like the itching gets worse at night. When my period starts, the itching improves a little, and when my period ends, it gets itchy again. My discharge is kind of thick ."

This is a typical complaint from patients with Candida vaginitis, more commonly known as a yeast infection. Candida is a fungus that is normally present in the skin, mouth, intestines, and vagina, but can grow rapidly and cause severe itching and pain. It can also cause pain during intercourse and urination.

Typically, the discharge is described as cottage cheese-like, but it can also be sticky or watery. The discharge could be white, yellow, or yellow green in color.

We will ask you about your symptoms and examine the discharge under a microscope to make a diagnosis. If candida vaginitis is diagnosed, it can be treated on the spot. ​

Candida vaginitis is prone to recurrence once it has occurred. For sexually active women, it is one of the conditions that they have to deal with. We recommend cotton underwear, and avoid douching since it might interfere with your healthy vaginal flora that inhibits the growth of Candida.

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