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frequently asked Questions

I'm on my period on the date of appointment, is this okay?

Do not hesitate to visit us during your period. Pelvic exams are not mandatory at Obgyn visits. However, if you are planning to visit us because of an abnormal PAP smear, it's better to reschedule after your period since we might want to directly observe the cervix, which is a little difficult when you are bleeding.

I hate pelvic exams!

Let's talk first. A pelvic examination is not mandatory for gynecological consultations.

Also, even if a pelvic examination is necessary, please be assured that we will do our utmost to ensure that the examination is least painful.

When is a good time for me to start the pill?

When you know you are not pregnant.  We usually advise you to start right after your period begins.

Is there a delivery unit at Sui?

Unfortunately, we do not have a delivery unit. Prenatal checkups are available for expectant mothers planning to give birth at nearby hospitals.

Can I have an abortion?

Unfortunately, we cannot perform surgery at our clinic, and we do not intend to carry abortion pills at the moment. However, please feel free to consult us if you think you may be pregnant. Determining at which week of pregnancy you are in, (or if you really are pregnant) is crucial for your health. We recommend that you use a pregnancy test that can be purchased at a pharmacy before coming to us, but of course, you are welcome to just drop by. 

Can NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) be done at Sui?

We cannot provide NIPT at the start of the clinic due to administrative procedures. We expect tol be qualified after 2024.

Can I undergo breast cancer screening?

​Breast cancer screening is not available at our hospital.

What are my payment options?

Various credit cards, IC cards, and QR code payments will be available. 





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