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HPV vaccine

​ Cervical cancer is preventable 

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Cervical cancer is caused by viral infection. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is transmitted by sexual contact. It is preventable by getting vaccinated before you start having intercourse. It is most effective when given at around age 12, when only two doses instead of three is enough. Females living in Yokohama City are eligible for free vaccination from the 6th grade of elementary school to the 1st year of high school. Even if you are older than that, there are people who are currently eligible for free vaccinations. Click here and get info from the Yokohama City website. (As of June 2023, the English page is yet to be updated on the topic of catch-up vaccination for those born from April 2nd 1997 to March 31st 2007 . If you are eligible, the city has sent you information via snail mail.)

Cervical cancer is most common in women in their 30s. I have seen many women suffer from this horrific disease often at the height of their career, and/or when they are trying to build their own families. Please consider getting vaccinated.

Furthermore, the HPV vaccine is effective in preventing other cancers such as oropharyngeal cancer, anal cancer, and has a protective effect against condyloma acuminata, a type of sexually transmitted infection. In other words, it is a vaccine that benefits men as well. Although they are not eligible for free vaccination, men can also receive the HPV vaccine.

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