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Bothered by sleepless nights and hot flushes?


Roughly five years before and after menopause is a time when female hormone levels highly fluctuate. You are in your perimenopause state.

A well-known symptom of perimenopause is hot flushes, sudden sweating and/or feeling hot. In addition, it is characterized by various symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, dizziness, and  stiffness in your joints.

Since there is a possibility that other conditions are hidden in your menopausal symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are performed in cooperation with other clinical professionals.

Hormonal therapy (or Hormone Replacement Therapy; HRT) is effective for menopausal symptoms.  Gels, patches, and oral medication is available. Getting the right treatment can really brighten up your life.  

​ Please feel free to contact us. In addition to hormonal therapy, we also accept consultations on Chinese herbal medicine (Kampo) treatments which are covered by Japanese medical insurance.

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