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Period cramps

If your monthly periods are bothering you

Menstrual pain

Menstruation aka periods begin around the age of 12 and continue until around the age of 50, when you reach menopause. If you do not get pregnant, you will experience about 500 periods in your lifetime.

​The purpose of menstruation is to prepare your uterus for a possible pregnancy. Expecting to get pregnant every month for a total of 40 years may not be a realistic plan for everybody.

Especially if you suffer from menstrual cramps and heavy menstrual bleeding, taking control of your period with hormone therapy might be an option for you.

In hormone therapy two types of medication is often prescribed: estrogen and progesterone combination (commonly known as “the pill”) and progesterone alone. We will prescribe according to your age, medical history, symptoms, etc.  Treatment options considerably increased in Japan over the past 10 years. Generic drug options are also available.

​Many people are concerned that hormone therapy may affect subsequent pregnancies and births. The pill only works while you're taking it. Your ovulation will start again as soon as you are off your medication. Moreover, it might even be beneficial for your future fertility, Learn more in the endometriosis section.

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