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The story behind Sui

Myorenji Sui Clinic established
Myorenji Sui Clinic established

Our story

The concept of Sui ObGyn is deeply rooted in the life of the director. Here we unravel the story behind the birth of Sui.

The director's childhood dream was to start a bakery or become a bookstore owner. When she was in elementary school, she was passionate about making beaded accessories and cross-stitching. She spent a year in Boston MA with her family and attended Harrington Elementary School. When she was a junior high school student, she was mesmerized by Osamu Tezuka's classic comic "Black Jack" a story about a surgeon.

After high school, she studied at a liberal arts college. She had a chance to study a year at the University of California, Berkeley as an international exchange student. She felt comfortable living in the San Francisco Bay Area in every way imaginable; be it the climate, the lifestyle, or the people. She attended a lecture given by a California State certified midwife and she knew at that moment that it was her calling to become an obstetrician. 

​​Psychiatry, Otolaryngology (ooh that headgear!) and anesthesiology also fascinated her as a medical student, but she stuck to her original plan. She started her medical career as a resident physician at Urasoe General Hospital in Urasoe City, Okinawa. She was influenced by the teachings of Dr. Seishiro Miyagi, "To become a good doctor is solely for you to serve the people."

She began her training as an ObGyn at Yokohama City University Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. At the beginning, she had a strong interest in Obstetrics, but quickly became fascinated by Gynecology, where she could engage in improving the quality of women's daily lives.

In between the busy and often bloody practice at Yokohama City University Medical Center Perinatal Center, she periodically provided medical support for local private clinics. And that is when she began to work out the concept of running her own clinic.

to be continued

Now hiring 

Yokohama-city kanagawa prefecture

Phone: 12-3456-7890

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