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Trying to get pregnant

"Will I be able to get pregnant in the future?"

Freezing infertile eggs

To be honest, it is impossible to predict whether or not you can become pregnant. We can guess it's likelihood based on various factors such as you and your partner's age, the shape of your uterus, whether the fallopian tubes are patent, the physical appearance of your ovaries, your hormonal status, whether you have an infection, etc. But in the end, you won't know until you try it.

At Sui, we provide basic consultations for those who are thinking of having a baby. We can check your basal body temperature, and in some cases, we may use medication to stimulate ovulation.

If you need additional tests, or if you are actively trying to get pregnant early, we recommend that you visit a clinic or hospital that specializes in infertility treatment.


Generally speaking, if it has been more than a year since you've been trying, it is a good idea to take some action. However, each couple's circumstances are different, so we are always available for consultation.

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